GDYO Parents Guild

The GDYO Parents Guild is a parent organization that supports the staff and musicians of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra in two areas: volunteering and fundraising.  GDYO Guild members provide snacks to the musicians at rehearsals, organize and staff social and recognition events, contribute to scholarships and special projects, and financially support the organization. Fundraising efforts include membership donations and selling fundraising merchandise at concerts, rehearsals and online.

Thanks to these parents serving in Guild leadership for the 2021-22 Season:

Karri Kirkham, Parents Guild President
Tracy Wehrmann, Parents Guild President-elect
Lori Tolbert, Parents Guild Treasurer
Michelle Hardgrave, VP of Merchandising & Membership
Dora Hornick, YPO VP
Kimberly Bullock, DSE VP
Dene Scoggins, Sinfonietta VP
Clint & Shannon Park, Wind Symphony VPs
Lokeswara Kumar, Flute Choir VP
Holley Nasky, Philharmonic VP
Jim Haddox, GDYO Jazz VP
Joseph Jung & Mary Nam & Cindy Lin, GDYO VPs