We are pleased you are interested in auditioning for the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra!

Information for the 2025-2026 season auditions will be placed on this page by February 1, 2025.

If you wish to receive an email when audition materials are ready for the 2025-2026 season please click here.

In the meantime please feel free to read our Ensemble Descriptions Including age restrictions, suggested ability level and rehearsal times and locations.

Audition FAQ

1. When Are Auditions?

The GDYO holds auditions once per season. Audition materials will be available on our website by February 1 for the following season. You will be asked to record yourself playing your audition, upload it to YouTube and then submit the link to us. Due dates are usually in March and April and vary by instrument. Full details will be posted by February 1.

2. Can I audition for the Orchestral Program and GDYO Jazz?

Yes and no. Due to our audition and placement processes, students may only audition for either GDYO Jazz OR for the Orchestral Program (which includes all other GDYO ensembles). However, if you are not offered a position in the Orchestral program, you may then audition for the Jazz program as their auditions deadline is after results for the orchestral program have been released.
If you have been offered a position in a Orchestra, you must first decline that position before applying to the jazz program.

3. Which Ensemble should I audition for?

It may be helpful to read the ensemble descriptions here. With your private teacher’s help, you should be able to make a decision. If you are still unsure, that is okay. You will be placed in the appropriate ensemble based on the abilities that you demonstrate in the audition.

For some ensembles, there are age limitations set by school grade level. If you have skipped a grade in school or have any other special circumstance that may be a factor in your placement, please contact the GDYO office. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Details for each ensemble—including rehearsal times, locations, and tuition—are subject to change.  Details will be confirmed by email upon acceptance into the GDYO program.

4. Do I need to have my audition music memorized?

No. Memorization is not necessary.

5. Do I need to dress up for the audition?

Dressing up is not mandatory. Most people wear dressy-casual, comfortable clothes to record their audition.

6. When do I apply for financial aid?

After you are accepted into one of the ensembles, please contact the GDYO office to request a need-based financial aid form if you would like to apply for aid. Instructions on how to do this will be included in your acceptance email.

7. When and how will I find out the results of the audition?

Results will be emailed to all the email addresses listed on the application (Student, Parent 1, etc). The date this mailing will occur will be advertised when audition materials become available.
Everyone that auditions will receive a result email.

8. Am I expected to be a part of my school music program?

The GDYO expects all students to be enrolled in their school music program provided one is available. The GDYO ensembles are meant to enhance, not replace the school music program. The school music program provides daily instruction, opportunities for leadership, and teaches group and community cooperation.

9. What is the tuition?

The tuition for the 2024-2025 season is:
GDYO $650
Philharmonic $570
Wind Symphony $570
Sinfonietta $510
Dallas String Ensemble $450
Young Performers Ensemble $450
Flute Choir $460
Clarinet Choir $460
Jazz Orchestra $550
Jazz Combo $550
Tuition is subject to change and will be confirmed in your acceptance email.