Schedule FAQ

When will the full schedule be available?

By August 1.
the concert dates are posted here and first rehearsal dates and times were sent in the acceptance email.

Are we having rehearsal on (specific) Sunday?

Yes, we probably are. In the Fall we do not rehearse the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We take a winter break and in the Spring we don’t rehearse on Easter Sunday.

Do we have a rehearsal on Spring Break?

Yes. Between all the school districts our students encompass “Spring Break” is three weekends in a row. Any Sunday we took off would be the wrong one.

Why is the concert/seating audition/sectional on (specific) date?

Concerts are scheduled based on getting enough rehearsals so everyone is prepared and the availability of the place to have the concert.
Sectionals and String Seating auditions are scheduled based on conductors preferences for when they fall in the concert cycle and when rooms are available.

Will this concert/seating audition/sectional date be changed?

No. Scheduling starts 12-14 months in advance. Once we have a date locked in, it is set in stone.

What about (other schedule related question)?

99% of decisions made for the schedule are based on when spaces are available. Be that rehearsal times, sectionals, seating auditions, concerts, etc. We don’t own our rehearsal or concert venues so we cannot dictate when they are available.