Young Performers Orchestra

The Young Performers Orchestra is a string ensemble (violin/viola/cello/bass) for students in 7th grade or younger. For many members, it is the first introduction to playing in an orchestra. The YPO is directed by Charilyne Rojas and performs three concerts annually.

In the YPO, musicians learn the fundamentals of playing in an ensemble. Young musicians are nurtured and challenged while they are introduced to string orchestra literature, vibrato, and a variety of bowing techniques and positions.

The YPO performs three concerts annually.

Listen to the YPO

Our Heroes by Susan H. Day
Velocity by Brian Balmages

Rehearsals and Requirements

YPO rehearses on Sundays from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Sammons Center for the Arts. YPO members should demonstrate left hand accuracy in first position, beginning shifting and music reading skills.
Members of the YPO are in 7th grade or younger.