The League and what it means to you

The League of American Orchestras (The League) is an important institution in the life of an American symphony orchestra.  It is the umbrella organization that provides support and resources for all symphony orchestras in the United States, including youth orchestras.  The only national organization dedicated solely to the orchestral experience, the League is a nexus of knowledge and innovation, advocacy, and leadership advancement for managers, musicians, volunteers, and boards.  Its conferences and events, award-winning Symphony magazine, website, and other publications inform music lovers around the world about orchestral activity and developments.  Founded in 1942 and chartered by Congress in 1962, the League links a national network of thousands of instrumentalists, conductors, managers and administrators, board members, volunteers, and business partners.  

GDYO is extremely fortunate to have Mr. Jesse Rosen, CEO of the League of American Orchestra, as our Honorary Chair of the GDYO Gala this year.

Save the Date

On Sunday, May 18th, the Annual GDYO Gala will be held at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.  As this is the only fundraising event for the youth orchestra, we hope you will attend.  The Gala benefits the GDYO Scholarship Fund and the GDYO Tour Fund, allowing deserving students a chance to not only experience the GDYO program, but also to be further enriched by experiencing new cultures while traveling and performing with their peers.  Invitations will go out in April, so keep an eye out!

More about GDYO's Gala Honorary Chair:  

Jesse Rosen has been recognized as one of the outstanding thinkers in contemporary performing arts leadership. As president and CEO of the League of American Orchestras since July 2008, he has raised the level of debate about orchestras among the nation’s cultural, policy, and opinion leaders and among the League’s 800 member orchestras. Under Mr. Rosen’s guidance, the League has taken a leadership role in helping orchestras adapt to a rapidly changing environment, particularly in the recent financial downturn. New initiatives have expanded the League’s support of orchestras as they work to strengthen their fiscal health, their management and board leadership, their engagement with their communities, and their artistic vitality.

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Matching Gifts

Making your donation go even further

Parents, Grandparents, Friends,

Matching gift programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.  For example, if a donor works for Texas Instruments and donates $500 to GDYO, Texas Instruments will "double the donation" by writing a check for $500 to GDYO as well.  Other companies, such as Bank of America, will match your volunteer hours with a donation.  If you volunteer a certain number of hours, Bank of America will send the organization a check for $250.  In both of these examples, there is paperwork or online forms to fill out.

It is a simple and easy way to make your donation or volunteer hours go further.  You'll need to check with your employer to see if they have a matching gifts program and how it works (paper forms or online).  Some companies will match gifts you have already made (within a certain time period), so go ahead and check today!  If you have any questions about matching gifts, please contact the Amber Oosterwaal in the GDYO office.